ChongQing XiaoAi technology LTD

Technology redefines insoles
Chongqing xiaoai technology co., LTD., founded in 2015, focuses on the research and development of foot care products and foot wear solutions with scientific and technological materials and innovative design. "Xinmai" , a brand owned by XiaoAi Tech, has formed a series of products such as comfortable insoles, professional sports insoles and functional rehabilitation insoles, among which "cork comfortable insoles" has won the red star award of Chinese design
Xiao Ai Tech has a well-structured product-driven team that maintains a complete production technical architecture from industrial design, process manufacturing to intelligent software and hardware development.It has many core technologies including gait analysis technology, fabric sensing technology, cork material technology and ergonomic design
Accumulated 400,000+ users
Applied 30 + patents
Won 20 + awards
ADD:No. 99, Xingai road, Yubei District, chongqing

"Big Data" bring new value to industry

Custom-made insole surface, production on demand, flexible manufacturing, agile delivery
Xiaoai Tech’s wholly owned subsidiary(RuiChang Xinmai manufactory) is located in RuiChang, JiuJiang city, JiangXi province.As the smart manufacturing base, RuiChang Xinmai was invested 50 million yuan, covered an area of 5640 square meters, construction area of 11280 square meters, which includes the production area, hardware manufacturing area, research and development area, exhibition area. The factory built a smart manufacturing line, and set up a perfect warehousing logistics chain, all these sustain the “Custom-made insole surface, production on demand, flexible manufacturing, agile delivery”