Senthmetic Australian Sheepskin Super Thick Premium Shoe Insoles | Durable & Extra Fluffy

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The finest natural fur wool from Australia is selected, and only the golden parts of the back and neck with the best quality of the whole wool are used, and the utilization rate is less than 50%.

Carefully selected, select full and extremely fine wool, soft-touch like clouds.

The thickness of the wool is 15mm, the most suitable thickness for warmth, it is dense and full, and it is not easy to agglomerate. Every step must be warm and comfortable.

Australian high-quality sheepskins are fine and full, and the hair fiber structure can effectively maintain the sole surface of the foot to maintain a comfortable temperature of 30°C.

The cork bottom layer of the insole has the characteristics of heat insulation and moisture-proof, effective heat preservation. Double-layer warmth, warm and care for your feet.



Cork particles, rebound and shock absorption

The cork layer of each insole is composed of thousands of cork particles. Each cork particle is like an airbag, which makes the bottom of the insole have good shock absorption characteristics and relieve the vibration and pressure when walking.

Crafted every time

Although the insole has been cleaned, the edges may still be attached to the edge of the hand-cutting. It does not shed hair. You can twist the edge of the insole before putting it on.