Senthmetic Arch Support insole for Athletic Sport

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① Anti-slip grid fabric:

This material increases the friction with the foot. Senthmetic insoles are breathable, dry, deodorant, and not stuffy. Spraying natural antibacterial agents to make it have the function of long-lasting and effective antibacterial and anti-odor.

② Golpe Ortholite:

It can effectively absorb the impact generated when walking or exercising.

③ Poron Cushioning:

Senthmetic insoles use American Poron cushioning technology to protect the ankles, knees, spine, etc.

④ Footwork Lab High-strength Molecular Support Material:

The polymer shaping material on the heel and the arch of the foot stabilizes the heel and the arch of the foot, prevents torsion during high-intensity exercise, and provides strong support.

⑤ Portugal Imported Cork Bottom:

In order to make it more resistant to bending, Senthmetic strengthened the firmness and sports performance of cork.

⑥ Mesh Fabric Bottom:

Using the cork with patented special technology, it will be naturally shaped after wearing for about 2 days to make it more fit the foot. The natural characteristics of cork make it lock moisture and remove sweat, keeping the upper layer dry.