Senthmetic Cork Insole - Absorb Sweat, Deodorize

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The insole adopts natural cork as the main material, which can fit the plantar curve naturally. The built-in middle layer of ortholite provides cushioning, breathability and sweat absorption, which is suitable for daily walking, and long-standing.
Insole thickness: 4mm
Suitable for sports shoes, casual shoes, outdoor shoes, board shoes and other shoes with lower upper height.


✔Made from nature cork, absorb and resist moisture
✔Anti-bacterial, deodorant, absorb sweat and dry
✔Support foot arch, decompose plantar pressure
✔Increase stability of foot structure
✔Improve balance and relieve fatigue
✔Relieve heel pain

① Mesh surface: Quickly export sweat and evaporate it.
② Ortholite: Sweat-absorbing & breathable, while providing good shock absorption performance.
③ Cork Particle Layer: Natural moisture-proof, Support cushioning & Shaping to fit the sole of the foot.